Health Check

A website is never finished, it is an ongoing project. Your website will require constant refinement to remain effective and attractive to visitors.

Is yours a 'cob-website'?
Having a simple and static web presence in this competitive environment is simply not enough to guarantee online success.

To stay ahead of your competition you need an online strategy that is aligned to your business plan and consistently refreshes your website overtime.

  • When was the last time you updated your site?
  • Is your site design now looking dated compared to other sites?
  • Is your site fully accessible and adhering to the very latest web standards?
  • Are you really making the most of your site to generate new business?
  • Are you using the latest web functionality?

Is your website crying out for a makeover?
If your website started out as an experiment, but has become something that you and your customers depend on, then it's probably time to take things a little more seriously.

Did you or a local company build your current website or have you simply lost touch with the designer? Maybe you weren't satisfied with the results at the time but have simply not had the time or opportunity to make the required changes your site now deserves?

Whatever your reasons, we will help you understand and prioritise areas for improvement and redesign your website to give it a fresh new look and feel. We can review your existing site and help you to clarify where improvements need to be made whether they are design, usability, navigation, functionality, content or layout.

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